Hi, Please see picture below. I have develop...

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Please see picture below. I have developed the app I want to start using. But there is one thing I need to find out how to change before I start using the app.

When I go to one of the categories than I can see related products. In the list I can see Picture of product, Product name, Category where product belongs to and in the right side I can see number that shows amount of last shipping. In stead of that I will like to see number that shows current inventory for that product as i can see when I go to the product.

My question is: Where to change this??

Thanks in advance.

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #2

Take a look at the UX view definition for the related products (it will be called Products Inline or something like that if you choose to see the System Defined Views). Its type will be a Deck view. In the Data pane of the definition, one of the options is Summary Column. There, choose the inventory column instead of the default.