Hi, Taking the order capture sample app as a...

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Taking the order capture sample app as an example. The structure allows more items to be added individually one at a time in a parent child table arrangement.

If my requirement is such that when filling up the main, I already knows how many items are required to be added in the child table. Is there a way to automatically create those rows in the child table, assuming other than row number is different, the rest of the data are the same?

My requirement is that, I have a main order that takes in a total quantity that will be divided into smaller batches, with a fix batch size. So the total quantity will be entered in the main table. I will also calculate the number of batches from the total quantity in the main table.

In the child table, each row will be identify as an individual batch with its own batch number but the rest of the information are the same.

This can save some time as the user do not need to create and save each of the batch individually. Can this be done in Appsheet? Thanks.