Hi team, I have a report that uses FILTER c...

(Elan Bailey) #1

Hi team,

I have a report that uses FILTER conditions. This has been working for months without a hitch but today when I made changes elsewhere in the app, I got the following errors.

Have we made a change to the FILTER function?

(Philip Garrett) #2

+elan Bailey @Us_Air_Compressor

I am really sorry for the problem I introduced. I was trying to fix a problem reported by another user. When doing that, I apparently introduced a regression.

Can you provide the following information for your apps so I can figure out why my change caused a problem for your apps?

  1. Account id 2. App Name 3. Workflow rule name
(Us Air Compressor) #3

Start expression is the one not working I guess. It started today I have the same problem but I can not use orderby function. Eventhough you takeoff order by it still does not make any difference. Than it app is trying to find the start and says do I mean Sort

(Elan Bailey) #4

To be clear, I am using a template. I created it with Praveen’s help many months ago and it’s been working fine all this time. Something seems to have changed in the last 24 hours or so.

(Brian Sabino) #5

Hello +elan Bailey and @Us_Air_Compressor we are investigating this now.

Elan could you give us your account number and app name?

(Philip Garrett) #6

+elan Bailey @Us_Air_Compressor

I tried to fix a problem reported by another user and introduced a problem when doing that. I have reverted my change. Your templates should work now.

(Elan Bailey) #7

Thanks for the update @Philip_Garrett_Appsh No worries.

Account ID: 141441 App name: InteGREATly Coach Report: Coaching Weekly Summary

(Philip Garrett) #8

+elan Bailey

Thanks Elan!