Hi Team, I'm new to Appsheet and helping sma...

(Joe Ragaie) #1

Hi Team,

I’m new to Appsheet and helping small business to create an App to collect attendance data for children. I was just wondering if there is a way to load view according to" user e-mail" as the idea is that parents can login with their e-mail which is a column that reference the child name -

and as a result, the list of “related” children will load in the view and they can check in and out

Hopefully I’m not confusing you -

Is that possible and can be done?. Also, Would be great if someone can provide an example or an existing DEMO app to look at.

(Tony Fader) #2

Hi @Joe_Ragaie. The mechanism you want to use is a security filter. Your users log into the app with their email address, and the rows of your dataset are filtered accordingly.

Docs are here: https://help.appsheet.com/security/security-filters/security-filters-the-essentials

Examples are here: appsheet.com - Customer Support - AppSheet Customer Support - AppSheet appsheet.com

(Joe Ragaie) #3

@tony Thank you so much for the details and quick reply. I will give it a go and hope I can get it to work :slight_smile: