Hi team, what should be my next step to resol...

(Geovany Kelly) #1

Hi team, what should be my next step to resolve the issue of the 2 Millions cells limit of google Sheet? An user is getting that error when trying to sync 1 single record.

(Grant Stead) #2

There are other limitations. https://gsuitetips.com/tips/sheets/google-spreadsheet-limitations/ I think this is out of date, but you can do some googling and find something more current.

Also, Praveen wrote a great article here. help.appsheet.com - Approaches to Data Scalability Approaches to Data Scalability help.appsheet.com

(Grant Stead) #3

Also something to consider is that not all of that data is probably needed every minute of every day. Ensure your pulling off what the user needs with good security filters, and then in the backend, you may need to often scrub/archive not needed records. For tables that I don’t need to do it often, i’ll go in monthly, make a copy for the month. And then remove the not needed records manually. (Some others i’ll build a script for.)

(Fernando López) #4

A temporal solution is to divide your Gsheets data in many gsheets for each sheet, and redirect the tables in your appsheet App to the new sheets. I suggest to optimizelike @Grant_Stead said, and you can Migrate to MySQL, it’s faster and practically there’s no limit.