Hi Thanks for still putting all this effort i...

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Hi Thanks for still putting all this effort in Apsheet, great!

I have a view with all the locations where items are kept/stored. warehouse location 1 location 2 etc.

Columns: Location name item 1 item 2 etc.

The first location is the ‘warehouse/main storage’, this represents the total stock. All following locations are place where items from the warehouse are stored temporarily. So when i add say 5 of item 1 in location 1, I want to substract that amount of item 1 in the warehouse. How can I do this? I have been searching the forum and docs but cant figure out how to do this.

Thanks in advance!


You could add a separate [total] “location” for each item and compute the warehouse value with a formula like [total] - (Sum(TableName[Item 1]) - [warehouse] - [total])

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Thanks for the reply! Won’t this end up in double the amount of columns in each row/location? Currently I have a spreadsheetformula in each of the columns in only the ‘warehouse’ row, but I would like to see it in app.


I was thinking it would be an extra row, where the total would be treated like a location, but maybe I misunderstood the table arrangement.