Hi the app was working well but suddenly I g...

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the app was working well but suddenly I got this error ,screenshot of which is attached kindly help

App : Sabarimala Clinic ID : 496778

Column Name ‘Phone’ in Schema ‘Orders_Schema’ of Column Type ‘Phone’ has an invalid app formula '=[Customer Name].[Medical representative Mobile Number?] '. Error in expression ‘[Customer Name].[Medical representative Mobile Number?]’ : Unable to find column 'Medical representative Mobile Number?'MORE INFOGO TO THE PROBLEM

thanking you in advance

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And you have checked that this “Medical…” is typed exactly the same way and you have that column name in your “Customer” table?

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Yes it’s the same. I have also regenerated the columns

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@S_C @Aleksi_Alkio

I checked your app and table “Customers” does not contain a column with the name “Medical representative Mobile Number?”.

It does contain a column with the name “Medical representative Alternative Mobile Number?”

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Thanks.Its solved. Customers table was derived from a parent table using query function. Addition of a new column in the parent table caused the query to malfunction and caused all the problems !

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In the same app , In ‘Order Details’ Form there is a LOOKUP formula in ‘Initial value’

of ‘Quantity’ field.

=LOOKUP( [Product Id],

“Products Full” ,

“Product Id”


“Default Order Qty”


This is Fetching the data from the adjacent column “Default Order Unit”

instead of “Default Order Qty”

Kindly help. Thanking in advance.

Attaching screens hots

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You are probably looking for a syntax like… LOOKUP([_THISROW].[Product Id],Products Full,Product Id,Default Order Qty)

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I tried [_THISROW] also, but it’s not working. Here it’s not the problem of rows, It’s getting the value from the wrong COLUMN