Hi there, does anyone have a restaurant order...

Hi there, does anyone have a restaurant ordering app that they’d be willing to share?

Hi Marianne, I have developed one and it is in beta testing. What functionality do you need.

Hi James,
I`m looking for a Café app. Currently I’m looking into a simple tool for taking customer orders and calculating what to charge.
Do you already have something in that direction?
Best wishes,

Hi Arno,

I can show you what I had developed.

Would love to see some of the choices you made in your app for restaurants. We’re always looking for examples of effective apps to see how people using the product.

Hi @Mike_Moss,

I will be glad to show you the app. Let me know and lets setup a Virtual meeting.

Hi @Komodowarno
I have a basic demo app Food Orders 2 Which may give you some ideas.


Hi @Lynn
Thank you so much! I had a hard time wrapping my head around the logic of the ordering process, but I think your solution does the trick :slight_smile:

Best wishes!

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Great. It is not always easy to follow someone else’s app.
It also depends on what order you need to be adding the info. One method wont suit everybody. Hence it is just a demo.

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On what I saw, I can actually get some pretty neat stuff out of it :slight_smile: Thanks again!