Hi there! Does somebody knows how to create ...

(Aparicio Piñeyrúa) #1

Hi there!

Does somebody knows how to create a filter where if a value from 4 diferent columns is equal to a value of a single column from another table allows to Show If or Editable If?

Eg: USEREMAIL has there own table with 4 columns that each column has a Yes or NO values. In other table I had the same 4 columnws where the values can be YES or NO. Depending on witch users is signin in they can only see if one, some or all of these columns have the same value reagrdiong the columns of each USEREMAIL.

I had several tables where this tables had an average of 80 columns, so I´m looking for a “unique” formula or the most efitiente one…

any help?

(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #2

@Aparicio_Pineyrua1 Hi Aparicio, I believe you have already asked a similar question in a different post. Please see my reply in that post.