HI there, I am having issues with the AppShe...

(Byron Hundt) #1

HI there,

I am having issues with the AppSheet Editor running very slow on my MS Surface Pro4.

It’s a new issue, I can’t pin point what has changed to caues this.

Has anyone experienced this?

(JMI Labs) #2

This has been happening to me as well.

Editing my app is painful now.

(Byron Hundt) #3

Do you use a surface?

(JMI Labs) #4

@Byron_Hundt No, I find that the editer is laggy on my ipad, my PC at home and my PC at work.

One runs windows 8 and one is windows 10.

It doesn’t seem to matter what device I am on

(Byron Hundt) #5

Odd. Yeah I can’t seem to figure out why it’s doing this all of a sudden

(JMI Labs) #6

@Byron_Hundt My theory was that my apps are all fairly large/involved with many views.

It seems that as the app gets more complicated, the editor lags more and more.

Just a hunch, can’t prove it.