Hi there! I had 31 columns that each column ...

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Hi there!

I had 31 columns that each column should represent each day of the month. A changetimestamp column that updates the timestamp each time a certain column chage it´s value.

How can I add the date from the changetimestamp

column to the column that represents the day of today?

Eg: Today is 08/20/2018 and the value in the changetimestamp column has change today to the date of today, how can I add automaticaly the date of the changetimestamp column in the [Column Nº20] that represents Today…?

I try lots of thing with no positive results…

Any ideas?

Thanks Apa!

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Thanks! Is working perfectlly well!

(Suvrutt Gurjar) #3

Hi @SABIO_Soporte , good to know that it works as per your need. Thank you for the update.

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Hi @SABIO_Soporte,Based on my understanding of requirement description given by you, you may wish to try the following expression in the column defined for each day. For [Day21] Column you can use expression


The above expression is to be used if Day column is 21. For day column [Day22] the expression will have number 22 and so on.

Since Day1, Day2, …,Day21, Day22,Day31 are used to save dates, please have them as Date type column. “01-01-2018” is some default date, that is recorded on any other day.

[GetTimeStamp] is “ChangeTimeStamp” type column. Please set up the

appropriate “change column” you have in app to trigger timestamp while configuring the [GetTimeStamp] column.

The above solution assumes that you have one row for a single date wherein the timestamp needs to be captured in the respective Day column. After capturing the first timestamp date for the day, any number of changes in the change column will have no visible effect on the Day column of the day.

We can explore ,if you have some different app configuration and you need a different solution.

Hope this helps in some way.