Hi there! I had some user setting and I don´...

(Aparicio Piñeyrúa) #1

Hi there!

I had some user setting and I don´t know why there are not working. I enter the following formula in the table releated to the user settings conditions: OR([Zone 1] = USERSETTINGS(101),[Zone 2] = USERSETTINGS(102),[Zone 3] = USERSETTINGS(103),[Zone 4] = USERSETTINGS(104),[Zone 5] = USERSETTINGS(105))

Setting (columns) had show if depending in a dropdown from other (column) settings.

It was working but know is not showing the filtering conditions.

What could be the issue?



(Tony Fader) #2

@Aparicio_Pineyrua1 Try breaking your OR into separate conditions, and then look at each condition in the app to narrow down where the problem is

(Aparicio Piñeyrúa) #3


Thanks tony I will try so. I have another issue in another App with the same fiktering condition OR. The filter is recognizing some values and some other values don´t.

A bug may be?

(Aparicio Piñeyrúa) #4

@tony @praveen

I made some testing, column one by one. There is no issue about the columns and the values in the table and the values in the settings columns. When I add the “OR” function to the Access security filter in the table that belongs to the settings, the settings is not working.

(Tony Fader) #5

@Aparicio_Pineyrua1 Can you create a simple app that isolates just this problem?

(Aparicio Piñeyrúa) #6


I just crear an App with the 2 issues

Name: App1 ID: 171571

Please take a look in the User settings and Tec.

In user settings the OR(formula) is not workin.,

In Tec, try to add new lead and then select in the dropdown “Canal” one option from the list. After you select one value from the enum, you can enter in tab “Portafolio”. Each column of tab Portfolio has show if OR(formula) depending on the value that you select in the dropdown menu “Canal”.

The issue is that some of the values in the Enum are not allowing to show tab “Portafolio” and they should. Each column regarding to “Portafolio” columns has OR(formula)

(Tony Fader) #7

@Aparicio_Pineyrua1 Your Portafolio header column has this show_if:


It works with all of those values for me. If I choose another value, the tab is not clickable. That is consistent with how OR and show_if are expected to work: if it’s false, you can’t go to that tab.

(Aparicio Piñeyrúa) #8


I understand that, but the other columns had other OR(formulas) with other values to lookup. And thouse are the one that are not working:

=OR([Canal]=“FACILES DE MANEJAR”,[Canal]=“ELECTRO”,[Canal]=“MULTI”,[Canal]=“MODERNO”)

And what about the user settings?

(Tony Fader) #9

@Aparicio_Pineyrua1 If you have a show_if on a page header, and the show_if evaluates to false,

the tab will be inaccessible. Even if the other columns on that page/tab are visible. If I select FACILES…, ELECTRO, MULTI, or MODERNO in your enum, then the tab is accessible. Otherwise it’s not. That is consistent with your formula.

I didn’t see anything wrong with the user settings, either. If I choose NJ in your settings, I get the 101 option. Which is consistent with this show_if formula: =OR([Chouse your State]=“NJ”,[Chouse your State]=“PA”,[Chouse your State]=“CT”,[Chouse your State]=“DE”,[Chouse your State]=“MA”,[Chouse your State]=“NH”,[Chouse your State]=“ME”)

(Aparicio Piñeyrúa) #10


Show if, solve it, thank you verry mutch.

About the user settings. It should show the values of the columns that has the value selected in the user settings, but is not filtering thouse values.