Hi there. I’m a new user and am trying out th...

(Paul Chapman) #1

Hi there. I’m a new user and am trying out the equipment inventory app. We want to make the equipment ID scannable with a QR code so have set the column to scannable. This is all fine but how do we actually scan it - there is no QR facility in the app?

(Grant Stead) #2

Hi Paul! Welcome to the club! Appsheet is pretty neat, and with a little time you can make it do just about anything you need it to!

There are different types of views in appsheet forms, tables, detail views, etc… So, for example if your wanting to add an issue with a piece of equipment you would be entering that information in a form… And in the form you could select the equipment from a drop down, or if it’s scannable, scan it by pressing the little blue qr coffee looking button…

(Paul Chapman) #3

@Grant_Stead thanks Grant. I can’t get the blue qr button to appear on the app?

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(Grant Stead) #5

So, not sure if that video will come through… But, if you’re sure you’re in a form view, and you have a scannable ref/enum field, then you should get that little blue symbol in the top right there…

(Steve Langert) #6

@Paul_Chapman I believe the field needs to be a text field.

(Grant Stead) #7

I looked at the equipment inventory app, and it doesn’t have a really fun way to play with the scanner. And, frankly the data isn’t organized in a realistic way… Ideally you would have a table of equipment, and then another table of assignments, like who is using it… Then you could for example create equipment, and scan in a code, then assign that equipment to someone, scan their employee ID for example, and then simply scan the equipment, and done… So, that app your playing with doesn’t really play nice with the scanner feature…

it also appears to be a very old sample app…

If you go to my partner profile, and check out the datamatrix app, It should let you play with the scanner… Use it on your phone, and you can scan almost any 1D/2D barcode, and it turns it into a datamatrix code… (I’m actively creating an asset/people assignments application that heavily relies on datamatrix codes… Works very well!)

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(Paul Chapman) #8

Thanks everyone- seems to be working now!