Hi there! I’ve created an app that I’d like ...

(Veronica) #1

Hi there!

I’ve created an app that I’d like to share publicly on the App Store but I was wondering whether the user experience will be the same for the public as it is for me?

I’m currently on a free appsheet plan. I have to download the appsheet app to use my app and it logs in via the appsheet app.

Will it still be that way once I upgrade to a premium plan and publish the app on the AppStore?

(Reza Raoofi) #2

The ability to publish the app on the App Store is or Play Store called White-label Apps, and currently requires Pro subscription; once you make a white-label app users do not need to do an additional download/install of AppSheet native app like you do in standard method, the same app you publish on App Store includes that part and will work as an stand-alone app, however the general architecture is the same and users will need to log in, so your app could recognize their identity.