Hi there I want to ask about white label app!...

(Alpha) #1

Hi there I want to ask about white label app!!

What I know about creating a personal app, The information and data that I have put in the app are stored in an excel sheet-connected to google drive or any other cloud site … and I have to be connected to the internet to SYNC my entries.

So my questions are: 1- When I create an app with white label to ditribute through google play store, does the (APK file) store the data in the app it self? So there is no need to the excel sheet anymore!! 2- and does it have to be connected to the internet?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

(Steven Coile) #2

The white label app must still use an internet-connect data store, such as an Excel or Google Sheets spreadsheet; the data is not stored in the app itself or in the APK.

(Alpha) #3

So the Email I signed in with to create the app, should be signed in always!! And another thing, when I distribute the app through app stores, do clients work on the same spreadsheet or what?!!

Please any feedback about how the white label app work when distributed to app stores that so many people download it and work on it (what is the proccess), and if it is explained by steps from scratch, if you would.

Thank you in advance.