Hi there, new Appsheet user - I am trying to ...

(Chris Bean) #1

Hi there, new Appsheet user - I am trying to connect a new app to a sheet in a team-managed google drive, but when I get to the ‘choose data source’ I only see the sheets that are on ‘My Drive’, as opposed to the ones that are on ‘Team Drives’. The error I get is that I don’t ‘own’ any of the files on the Team Drives, even though I’m the admin. I’m having to put the sheets into My Drive and then share with the team members. I called Google support and they said that since I don’t own the files inside Team Drives, I can’t hook up appsheets to those files. Am I missing something? This seems like a very frustrating limitation. Any thoughts/suggestions appreciated.

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

Why don’t you add a 2nd source to your app and then add table(s) from that source?