Hi there seems to be a bug on the app that ju...

(CCMET Metrotesting) #1

Hi there seems to be a bug on the app that just happened by itself. I have a phone book app where names are grouped by branch then the fields are name, position etc… The first field name is only showing one letter and that letter is A for everyone.

Can you please help check this?

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

Have you done “Save & Verify”?

(CCMET Metrotesting) #3

the thing is it was working fine for a long time and i have not done any changes.

i can try to do a change then save and verify. ill let you know

(CCMET Metrotesting) #4

@Aleksi_Alkio Wow that worked!!! you always have the answer Aleksi! thanks again!

(Aleksi Alkio) #5

I believe that was a virtual column and it needed to reread after the virtual column’s width update about week ago.

(CCMET Metrotesting) #6

@Aleksi_Alkio thanks for the info i always appreciate knowing what happened.