Hi There - The following template placeholder...

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Hi There - The following template placeholders/expressions will print each Parent, followed by their children:

<<Start: Parents(ParentID)>><> <<Select(Children[ChildName], [ParentID]=[_Thisrow-1].[ParentID]>>

However, the Children will be listed one after the other, separated by commas, ie:

Parent Child1, Child2, Child3

Is there a way for the Children to be listed with line feeds, like this?

Parent Child1 Child2 Child3

From what I’ve learnt about the workflow-template-pdf process, I think this could be tricky, but I thought I’d ask.

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Hi Aleksi - I’ve been trying a number of ways of nesting Start/Ends.

When they are inside a table, I keep getting errors.

The best I have done, so far, is to have each Parent columns in a single row template table, with the related Child rows on separate lines underneath, and for this to repeat for all Parent records.

I did this by having the initial ‘Parent’ <> above the template table and all the Parent columns within the template table, then the ‘Child’ <<Start/End>> template under the template table, then the final ‘Parent’ <> under that.

Whenever I try to have the nested ‘Child’ <<Start/End>> within the template table, I get errors where Appsheet can’t recognise the Parent columns.

So frustrating, but then printing database info always is!

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That looks very promising.

Can you share the code?

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Create a 1x1 table inside of the main table (inside of the cell) and add that Child Start/End formula there.

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That was some pretty impressive lateral thinking on your part!

Thank you.

I’ll try it later, today.

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You’re welcome

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Could you share the embedded Child Start/End expression you used?

It will save me a lot of trial and error.

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Thanks. I figured that your [Related Inspections] is the virtual column in your Parent table that holds the list of related Child rows for each Parent row.

Just so someone else reading this understands that.

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I haven’t tested in that way but at least you can do that if you create a simple table for your child records.

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So you don’t think it is possible to have a nested ‘Child’ template show each Child on a separate line, within a ‘Parent’ template table?

I can understand that the formatting would be difficult.

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Yes, I’d managed to do that (image1), as well as having the child rows ([Measure]) in the table, but separated by commas, rather than on separate lines (image2), but I can’t produce something like the mock-up, below (image3).

I guess I’m trying to emulate how a pivot table would present information, which I suspect is not possible in Appsheet at this stage.

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How about…

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Have you tried another Start/Edit formula inside the main Start/End?