Hi there, This is my first post on the AppSh...

(Jean-Gabriel Hartmann) #1

Hi there,

This is my first post on the AppSheet User Community. I’m currently developing a suite of field service and admin apps for a construction company.

We are building (for now) 3 apps for different field service work, and have an administrator who will manage the backends for them.

Will we be billed for each app on which the admin is a user (3 times), or are we billed for each unique user we have across all our apps on the AppSheet platform (1 time per user)?

Also, we are a small company at the moment, and will have less than 10 unique users on each app (for now, including the admin), but our apps state that a PRO plan is required. Are there any features we won’t have access to until the apps are deployed and our users put on a PRO plan?


(Aleksi Alkio) #2

You can have as many apps as you need in one account. You will be billed for each individual user that are using the app within 30 days period.

Basically you can test all features with the prototype mode but for example Workflow emails will go to the app creator’s email address (account’s email address)


Hi @Jean-Gabriel_Hartman Have you checked out this page on pricing? solutions.appsheet.com - AppSheet Pricing AppSheet Pricing solutions.appsheet.com