Hi there, Workflow email is incomplete from the App Editor

Hi guys,

I did some search about this issue, and I did not found anything related. I am sending an email thru a workflow after save an order; If I save the order from the App Editor the system is sending the email but only the header of the order, the details are missing:

If I try from the Test Page for the same order, then the system sends the complete report, order and it’s details:

The same issue occours in the attachment file. Could it be related to the deployment status of the App? It is in test mode.

This is the report template:

Thank you guys, any help will be appreciated,

Luis Saldaña

You are likely facing a very common problem with saving of Parent/Child records. Parent records are saved first and then the Child records. If you are triggering your Workflow off the activity of the Parent Save, the Workflow will fire before the Children have been saved.

Refer to this article to see if it can help. There is a section on how to Handle Parent with Child records.

Oh, and there is a sample app that might help as well:


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Hi John,

You were right, I read all the article and I understand now the issue about the mail.

I made all the steps suggested in the sample app that you provided me, but one specific step (the last one) was not working for me, the step, when the app should set Children Added column to TRUE, for some reason the system never completed that part, but instead to search in deep about it; I made a change in the functionality to send the email thru an action (that I learned after read the above URL) fire after the user decides to bill the order; at this point the order is complete and the email has all the info,

Thank you very much for your help,

Luis Saldaña

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