Hi, This might have been discussed somewhere...

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This might have been discussed somewhere before but I am not able to find a definite answer yet.

If I have created an app with full function let say for the admin or manager to use and now I want to create one with strip down function. What is the best way to do it? They will be accessing the same Google sheet.

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(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #2

You can copy it (choose the option to not copy the data) and then modify the copied app.

Or you can suppress information in the original app for the non-admins (data via security filters, views and actions via their filter conditions). The USERROLE() function may come in handy.

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@praveen Thank you I will try these

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Hi Praveen, the other thing is that I am also looking at using the per user log in through email address. May I ask if those email address has to be real as they only be used for creating the white-list? As for this application, the user actually do not require an email and it may be cumbersome for the company to actually create them.

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@praveen Hi Praveen, need advise on the above, forgot to tag you.