Hi! This post will be a quick tip for people ...

(Kirk Masden) #1

Hi! This post will be a quick tip for people who don’t yet know how to make images that they’ve captured in their apps visible inside their Google spreadsheets.

Then, I’d like to pose a question about the expression we use to make this happen.

First of all, the image you see shows how an image that I captured through my app appears in my spreadsheet.

This magic is explained here:

Displaying Images and Documents https://help.appsheet.com/ux/views/displaying-images-and-documents

The spreadsheet formula that needs to be in your “column definition” (Data --> Columns --> Table that has the column you want to hold the url for

the image --> pen mark by that column) in the “Spreadsheet formula” box is

=SUBSTITUTE(CONCATENATE(“https://www.appsheet.com/template/gettablefileurl?appName=",“AppName-Account#”,"&tableName=",“TableName”,"&fileName=”,+ImageColumnCell), " ", “%20”)

Now, the easiest way to learn how this works would be to look at a sample app that has the function.

I think there is one but, alas, this article does link to such a sample app (lack of such simple linking is a major problem with AppSheet documentation, in my view) and I can’t remember where it is.

At any rate, that’s what I know about how this cool function works.

Here’s what I don’t know:

Is there an expression that will automatically put the real app name into a spreadsheet formula like this?

The reason I ask, is that I would like a prototype app that I have students copy and use for free to have this function.

I can explain to my students how to go into the spreadsheet formula and change it to the specific name that was assigned when they copied the app but it would be SOOO much easier if their were an automatic function for this.

The rest of the formula is all “relative” so the only thing that needs to be changed after copying is the app name.

Thanks in advance!

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(Kirk Masden) #3

Since the expression I asked about doesn’t seem to be available, I suggested its creation here:

appsheet.com - Login - AppSheet

Better support for sample apps

AppSheet allows us to build sample apps and put them on our portfolio pages for the benefit of others.

However, some problems occur when people copy such apps. 1. App icons are not consistent.

If the sample creator has taken the time to create an icon that expresses the purpose or character of the app, it would be nice if that icon could remain part of the sample at (at the discretion of the creator of course) when copied.

Currently, unique app icons are automatically converted to generic ones when copied. 2. Expressions to identify the app name Every app has a unique name.

So, when a sample app is copied, a slightly different app name is assigned.

This means that that spreadsheet formulas like =SUBSTITUTE(CONCATENATE(“https://www.appsheet.com/template/gettablefileurl?appName=",“AppName-Account#”,"&tableName=",“TableName”,"&fileName=”,+ImageColumnCell), " ", “%20”) that work in the sample app will not work when copied.

An expression that is a can be used to automatically generate the correct app name would be useful in this context. Login - AppSheet appsheet.com