Hi to All, I have created 3 similar apps 1.5...

(Matthew Ng) #1

Hi to All,

I have created 3 similar apps 1.5 years back and these have been functioning well until about 3 weeks ago, the app flow got corrupted. My last page of the UI was for the user to sign off and proceed to save. However, now the UI leads the user back to the first page and the whole app freezes. Anyone able to offer insight on this issue? I did not do anything at all to the apps’ structure and UI for the past 1.5 years since deploying them. Urgent help and advice greatly appreciated

(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #2

@Matthew_Ng Hi Matthew, to help us investigate this problem, please provide the following information:

1/ Account ID 2/ The name of the app 3/ The names of the relevant tables and views 4/ A description of how you want the app to work

(Cormac Foley) #3

I have a similar problem. Another user “Ruben Aich” also seems to have something similar but unfortunately no responses to his comment either.

(Matthew Ng) #4

@Harry Hi.

Account: neaatlas@gmail.com Name of App: NEA ATLAS Toilet Inspection Tables: Form 1 Responses How it should work: Allow saving after signing off and entering statement of facts

(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #5

@Matthew_Ng Hi Matthew, after some debugging, I believe the problem is caused by required but hidden columns in the form.

Your form is divided into multiple pages using page header columns. Depending on the answers to certain questions, you want to hide some of these pages, and this is done using the Show_If constraint of the page headers. By hiding the page headers, you can hide all other columns in the entire page. However, some of these columns are marked as required. As a result, when you click save at the end of the form, the form will go into an error state and will not be submitted. Normally, the app will backtrack to the skipped required columns and highlight them to tell the app user to fill these columns. However, since these columns will no longer be visible at this point, this does not happen and thus the form appears to be stuck.

To fix this problem, you will need to modify the required columns in your form. Instead of using a hard requirement check, which makes the column always required, you configure the Required_If constraint of the column to use the same expression as the Show_If constraint of the page header. If the page header, and thus the entire, will only displayed if the answer to a previous question is “MRT”, then the Required_If condition of the column should be something like this: [Answer] = “MRT”. This way, the column will only be required if it is displayed, and the form will not fall into an error state when the user saves the form.

(Matthew Ng) #6


What changed? I did not touch the app structure for 1.5 years. Did AppSheet change something?

(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #7


Hi Matthew, we are rolling out new improvements to form elements, and these changes led to unexpected problems in some existing apps, including yours. We have just released a fix for this, which should allow your app to resume working without you having to make any change. Could you test the app again to verify that the fix works? If not, please let us know.

(Cormac Foley) #8


Hi, I don’t really follow what you are explaining to fix the issue. Would it be possible to take a look at my apps? I have 3 apps that this is now happening with. They were working fine but now when I click “Save”, they return to the first page and I can’t go any further.