Hi, We are having problems with Scheduled re...

(Dan) #1


We are having problems with Scheduled reports. We have security filters set for Managers & Users Using this expression: OR(IN(USEREMAIL(), Managers[Manager]), USEREMAIL() = [Owner]) - Managers have full access to all data but the users are restricted to their own data - works fine.

We setup slices restricting the table values to particular Locations (Eg. Slice Name: Seattle will only allow the values [Location] = “Seattle”) - This works fine.

We used the slice named Seattle to create a schedule report (Seattle Report). One of our managers created the report (who has full access to all data). The report should only have values that belonging to Location Seattle HOWEVER this report has the entire data table with all other Locations as well. Effectively, the slice Seattle is not functioning in schedule reports.

Can any one shed some light on this please?


(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #2

How did you use the slice in the scheduled report? There are two kinds of scheduled reports ---- one marked “ForEachRow” and the other “ForEntireTable”. Which of these is chosen?

It is important to also consider what <> expression you have at the top of your scheduled report template.

(Dan) #3

@praveen Hi Praveen, I chose the name of the slice created when creating the scheduled report at the “Table Name” option. It was just a basic <<Start: [ColumnName]>> expression and I did choose “ForEntireTable”.

The slice is restricted to only output values for a particular location. Whereas the report listed the whole data table (the slice restriction didn’t get applied).

I have overcome the problem by using some Select expressions on the report. But I thought I will let you guys know. Sorry if the mistake was mine.

(Philip Garrett) #4


The name you specify in the Report table or slice property

controls how we generate the Body or Attachment template when you click the “Create” button.

For a Report specifying “ForEntireTable”, the table or slice name controls two things. It controls which fields we include in the template. It also controls which table or slice we use in the Start expression.

If you write you own template, you need to create a Start expression that uses whichever table of slice name is appropriate.

(Dan) #5

@Philip_Garrett_Appsh @praveen Thanks Philip. That makes sense. I thought, report creation controls what data to display based on the data filter on the slice, which is used to make the report.

Thanks for clarification.