Hi, we have an appsheet app for registering u...

(vicki youll) #1

Hi, we have an appsheet app for registering users to a night class and to also add the user each time they return on subsequent classes. The app has two sheets in a workbook. First sheet is for New Guests/Registrations and the second sheet is when the user returns called ‘Returning Guests’. The two sheets are linked by a reference field ‘Name’.

The New Guest sheet captures there name and if they can gift aid. If they didn’t fill the gift aid

information in we would like to ask them again on the returning Guest sheet. I have created a slice of just the gift aid fields to be filled in from the New Guest sheet called Gift Aid.

Is it possible to do the following?

  1. when a Returning Guest completes the info on the Returning Guest

form to then take the user to the relevant users row/record on the Gift Aid slice created from the New Guest sheet?

( on the UX Returning Guest View there is Event Actions: Form Saved:

View Ref(Name) option - however this takes you to the full record and I only want to show the Gift Aid fields)

  1. I also only want to show the Gift Aid slice if the Gift Aid field is not filled in on the New Guest sheet for that user e.g. (isblank(giftaid)). Is this possible in this scenario?

Many thanks.

(Jesse Prud'Homme) #2

My suggestion is to make gift aid a reference in both the initial sign up form and in the returning guest form. It can be optional on the first form and required on the second form, if you’d like. It might be easier to make gift aid its own table.

(Jesse Prud'Homme) #3

isblank() would work as well.

(vicki youll) #4

Thanks @Jesse_Prud_Homme for your reply. I have added the reference for gift aid however that is only for one field and

on Form Saved i have selected View Ref(Gift Aid) - however although this takes you back to the right page ( New Guests)

it takes you to the first record and not to the name selected in the drop downs row. Also only the ref field is shown and not the slice.

I was hoping to be able to on Form Saved redirect to the slice for the relevant row for the name selected in the drop down. Do you know if that is possible?

Thanks again for any advice.

(Jesse Prud'Homme) #5

You can choose what happens on form save in the UX > Views (show system views - scroll down to bottom) > Form Name

Within that, you can choose what happens on form save (ie. navigate to a different view).