Hi. We need to build an app where the home sc...

(Rob Maclean) #1

Hi. We need to build an app where the home screen will have a form icon that will link to different forms based on the user’s email address. So person A links to form A and person b to form b. It’s a secure app so have these IDs to use in the logic. But I’m not quite sure where to apply it. In the home screen sheet (where links are defined), in the home column formula for the app link field or somewhere in the UX settings? I hope this makes some sense! Any and all help appreciated! Thanks?


(Aleksi Alkio) #2

If you don’t have them a lot, you could create actions and show them based on the useremail().


Is there a reason you want to show all the “forms” on a home screen just so a specific user can launch their form?

If you just want the user to see their unique form, you can skip the home page and use useremail() to just show the view the specific user needs directly.

Maybe I am missing the use case…

(Rob Maclean) #4

Thanks @Aleksi_Alkio and @Mike_Adler. It looks like Actions will be the way forward. It is OK if a user/s just jumps straight in to “their” form.

If there’s a good example, template or instructions on how to do this you know from top of mind, please let me know (but am being lazy and haven’t searched the help menus yet either!.. Thanks again.

(Steven Coile) #5

@Rob_Maclean What else is on the home screen? You mention “where links are defined”. If the home screen already contains links, why not make the form link one of them, which might make for a cleaner UX?

Will the form need to create a new row every time the user goes to it, or should an existing row be reused?

If reusing an existing row, should a new row be created if it doesn’t already exist, or must the row already exist (e.g. created by an admin)?