Hi What is best practice in terms of workshe...

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What is best practice in terms of worksheets in Google Sheets.

Should I separate each table into a different workbook file? Or have all the tables in one workbook?

I have created an app that is going to scale up soon and I want to do everything possible to minimise performance issues.

Thanks Nathan

Performance improvement tips
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Nathan, this is a good place to start… help.appsheet.com - App Design 101 App Design 101 help.appsheet.com

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Hi Nathan.

Some quick performance tips…

Tip 1 = The key thing to note first is Google Sheets will limit you to 2million cells per spreadsheet.

So if you’re gonna go over that, then definitely look at having more than 1 spreadsheet file.

But if that’s not going to happen then definitely keep all tables in one sheet as Appsheet can read them faster

Tip 2 = Don’t use virtual formulas if you can avoid them.

Especially where they have to be recalculated on every sync for tables with a large number of rows (>500)

Tip 3 = Make use of security filters to reduce the number of rows that have to be synced

Tip 4 = Mark any relevant tables as read-only and turn on Server Caching

Tip 5 = Also turn on Worksheet bulk read, Delta sync and Automatic Updates

Tip 6

= Use the sync time analyser to check for any hold-ups

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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