Hi. Whats the diference between Show_if and ...

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Whats the diference between Show_if and Editable_If?

Shouldnt show_if, show or not the field and Editable _if Show Allways the field by only make editable or not???

Both do the Same! if false the field disaperas in a form… Wahts going on here???


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More than this, i have a filed marked as Required in Column definition, Shouldnt the filed be ALWAYS required dispite showing or not?

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in appsheet Help : "An Editable_If constraint is a condition expression that indicates whether a specific column is ‘editable’ in an input form "

But… it always disapears!

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I’ve asked previously about a hidden Required column. AppSheet’s reasoning is that it makes no sense to require a column the user cannot affect, so Required is ignored in that case.

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What are you trying to accomplish?

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Hi Steve

sorry for the delay!!!

Im trying make a field noneditable when creating a new record. Based on the last sync time… kinda complicated. Im working on this with Alecksi.

But it seems we can only Warn the user. not block the Whole thing…

Thanks a lot for the explanation!

Great help

cheers Jorge

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@Jorge_Santos What you’re trying to do should certainly be possible.

A virtual column with an App formula of =now() will give you the last time the app synced. Virtual columns update automatically every time the app syncs.

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It really works thanks to Aleksi help…

But i think it only works when you open a form. I cant make a related table disapear (show_if) only if the last sync has been less than 2 minutes ago…

Cheers Jorge

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im using this simple formula on editable_if: =Day(Now())<=day(“4/28/2018”)

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So… this Editable_if only truely works if your EDITING a field not INSERTING one… Otherwise it just Hides the field…

Anyone has experience with this?


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Hi aleksi… any experience with this???

Cheers Jorge

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Any thoughts on this?

cheers Jorge

(Steven Coile) #13

Show_If determines whether the column is user-visible at all, everywhere. If Show_If evaluates to false (N), the column will be hidden; if it evaluates to true (Y), the column will be visible. If Show_If evaluates to no value (blank), the column will only be displayed if the column value is non-blank.

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Editable_If determines whether the column value is user-editable (this is not the same as read-only). If Editable_if evaluates to false and the column value is blank, the column will not be displayed in a form.

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If you want to hide columns in forms but not elsewhere, use Editable_If, not Show_If

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Note that a Valid_If field can cause confusion in a form! If Valid_If is used with a column constraint (a drop-down menu) and the column’s value is invalid, Valid_If will blank the column value. If Editable_If or Show_If then hides the blank field, that invalid-now-blank column value will now be hidden and therefore not editable!