Hi When you create an action do you have en...

(David Kelly) #1


When you create an action do you have enable it somewhere? does actions require a certain plan publisher or premium for them to work?

I have created a number of action Simple action such as start a phone call, go to a website and none of them are working.

thanks for any help

(Levent KULAÇOĞLU) #2


To automatically trigger any action(s) associated with an Action Button, you have to assign a DataChange Workflow which will need at least a Premium plan.

(Jacob Lin [AppSheet]) #3

You can also manually trigger actions via button. In Behavior -> Actions -> Your Action -> Appearance, make sure that the button is not ‘Do Not Display’. You can fiddle around with the other options to best fit your usage. (This does not require a plan)

(David Kelly) #4


The action is Display prominently. Would actually prefer if it could be triggered when a user chooses information from a list and clicks done. But I don’t see anything in condition tabe to

To support this

Thanks for help

(Jacob Lin [AppSheet]) #5

Depending on the view that you use, you can trigger the action based on a button press. For example, on Form View, you can trigger the action when you click ‘Save’. (UX -> Views -> Form View -> Behavior -> Event Actions)

(David Kelly) #6

That has worked perfectly

Thanks Jacob for the help