Hidden columns in Smartsheet I am finding th...

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Hidden columns in Smartsheet

I am finding that Appsheet is writing data to hidden columns in Smartsheet.

These columns do not show in the editor, as expected.

However in my case its the first column in the sheet and the generated unique ID is being placed in it instead of the # column. and all data is being entered into a column to the left of where it should go.

Anybody else having this issue?

(James W Rezin) #2

Further to the above, I have unhide the column in SmartSheet so that it then shows in the editor and then hidden it in there as it is not required in Appsheet.

Although this is a work round for now it cannot remain as in the smartsheet it needs to be hidden.

@Aleksi_Alkio @praveen

Have you changed the connectivity between Smartsheet and Appsheet?


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