Hidden columns still show on details page for...

(Jason Spicer) #1

Hidden columns still show on details page for Price or Number type columns I have a complex app that shows table items based on the room/item name. I have columns for length, width, costs, etc. Even though the columns are hidden when filling out the form for the row, in the details page, the columns with numbers or price types show 0 and are visible. Any ideas on how to keep them hidden?

Thank you very much for any help

(Steven Coile) #2

How did you hide the columns?

(Jason Spicer) #3

+Steve Coile I am using a Show If expression. If it matches the room name, it will either hide or show the column.

(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #4

@Jason_Spicer Hi Jason, in the UX > Options tab, under the Forms section, you will find a setting called “Apply show-if constraints universally”. If this setting is turned off, show-if constraints will only be applied to form views. If you want to apply them to other view types, including detail views, you need to turn on this setting.

(Jason Spicer) #5

@Harry Thank you Dinh, I completely forgot about that option. It is working now.

Thank you again!