Hide blocks of text in report template based on a column value

My report consists of multiple blocks summarizing the values that are connected to that section.
But if one section has no records I would like to hide that entire section of text.

I’m already utilizing loops in reports but can’t seem to figure out if a showif function exists.

For example

If you share more details on the construct of the report template with screenshots if possible ( of course with test data or test names of columns for any sensitive data) , I believe the community could suggest an appropriate solution, if one exists.

For example, you may wish to elaborate by section, does it mean entire sets of table headings and rows in the report or only values displayed for those columns.


I updated the original post with a screenshot.
So if a counter is more than 0 it should show that block of text.
If it’s 0 the entire block of text between the blue lines should be hidden from the report.

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Thank you. Please try something like below for each of the text block. I have typed in the expression similar to yours and hence not completed the CONCATENATE() text. Please fill in that as per your requirement.

In the picture below , the yellow highlighted part if conditional checking. The turquoise highlighted part ( basically a blank space) is displayed if the count is zero. If teh count is greater than zero the concatenated text highlighted in green is shown.


That’s actually a pretty logical solution.
I was overthinking it way too much.

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