Hide certain values from a list entered on a submission form

Thanks to the help of the community I was able to finish the section for sending training, of the app for the cycling fantasy game, suggesting the data in a column of the “Enumlist” type through a list using the following formula in the field “suggest value”:


  • SELECT (
    OR (

After two months of testing the app with my friends, I have now realized that I need to integrate the formula of visible values ​​with “suggest value” because I need some cyclists who are not part of it after a certain date. more than the team.

Inside the “T_ROSA” table I have inserted a “FINO_AL” column where I have inserted the last day within the team.

I wanted to integrate the previous formula by making sure that cyclists are suggested to me based on the selected team by displaying only the cyclists who have an empty field in the “FINO_AL” column.

It’s possible to do it?

Thank you