Hide Edit button on Detail Form where all required fields are quick editable

I have a Detail form that displays the only fields I want the user to be able to edit and they are all marked for Quick Edit so I don’t need the big, round, Edit button on the form. Is there any way I can get rid of it and retain the Quick Edit ability?

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In the app editor, go to Behavior > Actions, click Show system actions (if the button is displayed), locate the actions for the affected table, locate and click on the table’s Edit action, scroll down to Prominence, and set it to Do not display.

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Thanks Steve. Did the job perfectly!


Hi Steve! I need this too, but I might have an odd setup where the above solution doesn’t seem to fit.
I have a Meetings Table that holds everything, including the buttons I made to fire off my Workflow Emails & SMS messages for Meeting Confirmations I made a Confirm Roles Table View that Sorts Views of Confirmations for each meeting date. This Table View leads to a Detail View containing all Quick Edit Fields/Buttons for all of my Confirmations, so I do not need the Edit button here. But I DO need the Edit Button when I go into the All Meetings Table to Add a new meeting. I don’t see where I can shut off these System Generated Action Buttons for only specific views. I only see one Edit & one Add button per Table. Hoping I’m missing something and what I need id actually possible. Thanks again bro!

OK, I think I’m Half-Solved… I was able to remove the Add button from my Confirm Roles Table View by changing my Confirm Roles Slice to Updates only, but I can’t change this to Read Only because then my Quick Edit Buttons on the Confirm Roles Detail View become NOT Quick Edit, or Editable at all.
Arrrg_UPDATE…! When I changed this to Read Only earlier, the App automatically stripped out all of my Quick Edit Columns from my set up at Confirm Roles _Details in the Editor, YUK!
Thanks for your brain!

The Edit button is only ever displayed in detail views and has no effect on other (e.g., table) views. Instructions for hiding the edit button are above.

The Add button is displayed on aggregate views: decks, galleries, and tables. You can hide it using the same method as with the Edit button.

I know this is an almost year-old post, but in case someone else is searching for a possible solution to an issue similar to Stephen Mattison’s I would like to add something here.

I was able to remove the edit button from my detail view, while retaining the Quick Edit functions, by deleting the “Slice Actions” from that slice.

I don’t know if that function existed when this question was originally posted, however it currently works for me.


Great info, thanks Jim!

Thanks for posting Jim. This is exactly what I needed.