Hide fields in child form, but show them in inline view of parent form

I have a long text field in a child table that I want to break up into the primary & secondary headers of an inline deck view. (I wouldn’t have this problem if there was any way to wrap text!). I do not want these fields to show on the child form.

Anyway, none of the usual tricks will work, because when creating a parent row, and child rows within the same form, I can’t switch to a different slice for the child form, or use Context “View” or “ViewType” because the view of the inline table, parent form, and child form are the same.

Any ideas of an expression that can help me do this? I’m worried it’s not possible.

Not entirely sure I understand the problem: the second paragraph confuses me. Going solely off the first paragraph, why not add two new columns for the primary & secondary headers for use in the deck view?

OK, let me try to explain. Yes, I have the two columns of the split text in the child table for the inline view. However, I need to hide these fields in the child form. This child table is owned by the parent table. When adding a record to the parent, you then can add a records to the child. The form shown for the child table has to be the same slice as the inline view, to keep the nice functionality of adding through the parent form. So, I haven’t been able to come up with anything that will let me hide the 2 split fields from the child form, but still show them in the inline table of the parent form. Does that make any sense?

If for example I used a show if constraint of context(“ViewType”)<>“Form”, then the fields are hidden in the child form, but are also hidden in the inline view of the parent form. Context(“View”)<>“Child_Form_Name” doesn’t work, because adding an owned record you don’t really leave the parent form at all. Context(“View”)<>“Parent_Form” doesn’t hide anything.

I though you wanted these primary & secondary headers for a deck view…?

yes, a deck view, as an inline view.

I know this is a complicated question!

Okay, so the problem is yo want the columns hidden in the form view, but not in the deck view, but because of the complexities of CONTEXT(), here’s no way in Show_If to figure out which view or view type you’re in to hide in one but not the other. Got it.

You need a slice. Are you interested in pursuing that approach?

Slice doesn’t work either, because the inline view is always part of the same table/slice as the child form. I think it’s the only way to continue to add the children from the parent. There is no way I know of, to direct the addition of a child record to a specific form view or different table when adding from the parent form.