Hide if a decimal column does not have a number after the comma

In my decimal column, there are some values after the comma, some in the form of numbers, so no value after zero. if there is a value after zero, how can I show if there is a decimal or number.


if number 125,00 ==> 125

if number 15,35 ==> 15,35


Believe this is what your looking for! :slight_smile:

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For columns with formulas, I can use it.

if the formula does not exist, how do I use the columns in which I enter data?

You could have a form column that is a decimal they input the value and can edit
Show If: CONTEXT(“ViewType”)=Form

then you can have another text column that only shows on non-forms (could be a Virtual Column)
Show If: CONTEXT(“ViewType”)<>Form
App Formula: ABS([FormInputValue])

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I don’t want to show zeros

where I use the formula, I can’t enter data if I use the formula

Very interesting! can I see a screen shot of the columns formulas?

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column doesn’t have formula, I enter data manually, I don’t want to see zero values after comma

Yes I believe you’ll have to have one column for the user to interact with and create a text column that uses a formula for it to properly remove the 0s

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for there’ve been many columns, it’ll be hard to use the formula for all.


gotcha if I can think of another solution I’ll let you know!

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thank you very much, you are very good

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ABS() converts a negative numeric value to a positive one; it does nothing to trailing zeros.

Really? The example in the documentation showed 0.0 converting to 0 so I figured it would simplify other redundant decimal spots.

Testing, I see Expression Assistant displays 0, but the value displayed in the app is 0.00. That suggests to me Expression Assistant is displaying the internal value rather than the display value. EA using the internal format is typical, so this is expected. The display format for a Decimal value is governed by the column’s Type Details. The (fixed!) number of digits after the decimal is determined by the Decimal digits property.

I am not aware of a way to remove trailing zeros without converting the numeric value to Text.

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Yeah, idk if it’d work but my suggestion was creating a second row that would be the formatted decimal in a text column. The original decimal column would be visible to edit on forms and the text column would be visible on non-forms solely to display it correctly.

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I want it to look like this in the appsheet table. normal column where I entered data, no formula.

Is there a way?


No. :frowning:

thanks Steve, for answer

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