Hide labels for a column?


Hello all - new user here.
Experimenting with Appsheet - I have a table(s) that I created in tabs of a Google sheet for the purpose of prototype/play, but column names are based on existing (SQL/Oracle, etc.) database columns.

In the form type UX view, I have ‘pairs’ of attributes - each consisting of a Y/N field and an associated image - the context being that I want the user to take a picture of the subject of the Y/N question above?

Let’s say the column for the image reference is called “IMG_FIELD1”.
I don’t want “IMG_FIELD1” to display.
I figured out that I can set the COLUMN DISPLAY NAME to a formula of “null” by using = " " (a blank space).
Am is missing something or is there an easier way to do that ??

Thanks very much for looking at this (probably very silly) question !

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In a form view, what you’re doing is the only option.

But in a detail view…

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Thank you !
So much to learn…
I’ll check out the Detail views - may be back with followup ! :slight_smile:

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