Hide map marker

Refer attached Image. The Circled markers are the ones for which the orders are already closed. How do I make sure they do not get displayed on App Map view? The purple icons are the open orders which is correct. I dont want the rest of the icons displayed on map.

You could create a slice and point the map view to the new slice with row condition something like [Order]<>“Close”


Tried but couldnt make it work. Geo location is in “Customer” sheet while order status is in Order Sheet. In slice I will have to take “Customer” sheet. Which formula will I have to use in Slice to check status of order from “Order” Sheet?

“Customer Name” is used a ref in “Order” sheet to reference to “Customer” sheet as shown here.

Please see to the Order Capture Sample to sliced the CustomersTable with Open Order Status :

COUNT(SELECT(Orders[Order Id],AND([_THISROW].[Name]=[Customer Name],[Order Status]="Open")))>0