Hide production data from author

Is it possible to provide development tables to the author so that we don’t expose all the production data to anybody that is allowed to modify the app?
If not, do you know other no-code application builder that would allow to work in such a fashion?
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Initially, copy the production app to create a staging app. In the staging app, replace the production data sources with development data sources. Copy the staging app to a development app. Give developer access to the development app. Developer develops with development app and development data.

When development is done, use app upgrade to copy development app into existing staging app. In staging app, replace development data sources with production data sources. Use app upgrade to copy staging app into existing production app.

Repeat previous paragraph as developer delivers new stable versions. Note that changes should not otherwise be made to production app without also syncing the changes to development.

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Super nice, thank you for your fast answer!