Hide rest of form or jump to end without multiple Show_if statements?

This form collects data about a shift. However, when a shift is cancelled, we would like the rest of the form to be hidden or to automatically jump to the end without allowing additional input. “Cancelled shift” is the 6the visible column and there are 23 columns after it. Is there an easy to hide the rest of the form without entering Show_If statement to all remaining 23 columns?

On a related note: I need to enter Minimum and Maximum values for several columns. Is there an easy way to copy and paste, or set several columns to have the same value without opening each one?

Unfortunately, no.

Other than actually copying-and-pasting, no, there’s no easy way to reuse expressions between columns.

Thanks for the quick response. :slight_smile:

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There is an alternative approach I use in one of my apps to break up the large number of data entry fields. Create a Tabbed view using Show columns set as Page Headers.

You can then disable an entire tab using a Show_If constraint. If it was the last Tab where the Save button was shown, then the Save moves “up” to the next to last tab.

The first Image below shows the tabbed view when first opened.

In the second image below, I am showing the “Acknowledgment” tab when the “Payment Info” tab is still active. Note the presence of the “Next” option at the bottom.

Then I applied false into the Show_If expression for the “Payment Info” Show column and the third image shows that result. The “Payment Info” tab is disabled, cannot be selected and now the “Acknowledgment” tab shows the “Save” option instead of the “Next” option.

This prevents a user from interacting with any of the columns presented on the “Payment Info” tab.

Is this something that could help you?

Starting Tabbed View when using a Show columns designated as a Page Header.

Acknowledgment tab when Payment tab is still active. Next button present.

Acknowledgment tab when Payment tab Show_If is set to false. Save button present.