Hide Row auto feature

Is there a way to code it without a million slices to where when a certain box is checked (lets say its column “Complete”) that it would auto hide the row to avoid clutter

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You can create a single slice that filters out rows where column=“Complete”

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Yea. I was looking more for there to be a feature added where it didnt have to be written in for multiple slices. But I can keep doing it the long way. I was just sure that I’m not the only one that would like to ‘hide’ historical data without a bunch of additional steps. Hence why i added it to feature request or whatever.

There is no feature like a type of “select all” to fire action against selected rows manually, but it would be done through the workflow instead, rather than user manually select which one to be hide or show etc… if i correctly understand what you require.

[Status]<>“Complete” would hide any complete row in a single slice, and an action to set [status]=“Complete” for a row can be done in a single action without even a workflow?
Not sure I’m really understanding the need since hiding rows based on a column is already there?

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For the workflow, it is always better to consider to use


tyep of expression to be in place as a condition to fire the workflow rather than


Appsheet workflow is basically “Event Listner” where we need to detect before/after value to let the workflow works as you wish.
Sorry, probably not answering to your question…

Im not too sure that is what im looking for.

I knwo this is rather specific to me but I have one table with multiple slices (as previously suggested). These are Blending, Production, Staging, And Shipping. I made the slices and now the ‘tiles’ are cluttered. It would be nice to have a hide feature where the respective teams can hide a task from their view once it is complete.

I already made the rules and buttons and everything so that it works. Im just saying that it would be nice to have a simple ‘hide’ feature so when you are in a particular screen you have the ability to hide it from view rather than having a cluttered screen. I already took care of all the rules I just have way more clutter in the ‘coding’ section than i think is necessary for a function that could, I’m sure, benefit lots of people.

I m sorry probably I m not following your requierement, but it still sounds “slice” solve you problem.
Prepare the sliced table and make the view out of it, which could solve your problem?

I believe you can accomplish what you are looking for by using a Security Filter on the base table. Implementing the expression, [Status]<>“Complete” , there will prevent any row that has the Status of “Complete” from even loading into the app and therefore NOT be included in any Slices you create. This has the side benefit of reducing the table size on the device for a more performant UI/UX.

I have used such a Security Filter to reduce the history of Work Orders to just the last 30 days but it also allows me to easily extend that available history by simply changing the Security Filter value.

Now you might suggest that you DO want users to see the history if they need to. In that case, I would recommend creating a second app used solely for browsing historical data. A third app can then be used to “stitch” the other two apps together as if a single app - if you wish. AppSheet does provide the idea of a Launcher app just for such cases - basically an app of apps.