Hide the rows in UX view

Hi everybody,

Is there any way to hide some rows if the value is “SI” in secondary header? the column name is “Finiquito” and the response is [Finiquito]=“SI”
for instance, I have this UX view:


I would like only to show people not in red (or “NO” in secondary header).
I have tried with “Show if” but I couldn`t

This seems like a pretty classic example of where you would use a slice for this

go to the data section and create a new slice table. A slice table shows a “slice” or a subset of the records in your table.

So you would select the same table for the slice and create a condition

[Finiquito]=“NO” and name the slice whatever you want maybe FIN IS NO

Then return to the UX section and change the table for that view to FIN IS NO

y tambien bienvenido!


It is working!
Thank you Ethan