Hide the survey after user clicked the save button


I am trying to how hide result when the user clicks the save button, but nevertheless i need to see result on the excel sheet of google drive.

Every requirements of app are ready and it is working nice as is.

Let me illustrate on example what i exactly want is.

Imagine that i filled all yes/no surveys then clicked the save button.

Then the result is displaying the page which can be called result page whatever.

My aim is that i will see the result on excel sheet of google drive and i am seing the result on excel sheet of google drive, it is working perfect but i do not want user to see the result in result page. My is to hide them because think a lots of survey will be done and lots of information and it will be information pollution.


I don’t know your app design.

Idea 1) Create two views , one that shows results, one that doesn’t. Make them conditionally shown by user. Views has showifs. This is what I use

Idea 2) Imput table can be filtered all out for all users except admin (security filter) , so the results page can’t calculate older surveys .

The design is as below.

after saving that the above page is appear.

Can you explain in further of Idea 1 and 2.

I have found security filter under data tab but i don’t know what i have to do.

Can you screenshot what it is shown now after saving?

That page appears.

Does this help ?

unfortunetely! but i surely found the solution.
If the auto re-open it is working.

Thanks for your help