Hide "View (4)" link at bottom of list

How can I hide navigation links like this?

Screen Shot 2020-01-23 at 2.47.59 PM

You can hide the word View in UX>Localize by using a formula for the name, and changing the name to “” when on that view.

IF(CONTEXT("View")="View_Name", "", "View")

The (4) will still show though. But you might be able to make it white with a formatting rule if you want to hide the number too.


How would you do this with format rule?

Hmm… Looks like we can’t apply formatting rules to the View (#) link for inline records.

It will let you format the the View (ref) shown in detail view, but not the View(#) link for inline views. So I guess the best you can do is hide the word View, but you will still have the number showing.

@tositsa, it would be nice to have a toggle button to show/hide the View (#) link. This may be worth submitting a feature request.

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