Hide view from menu because already included in a dashboard

i have some table views twice in my app, because i have a dashboard that include 2-3 of this tables so there is no clue to have also them stand alone.
This dashboard is only visible with some useremail(), so some users need to see them, some others don’t.
If i use the show if formula, they also disappear in the dashboard.


Hi @Mark_11 ,

You may wish to make your requirement a bit clearer.

Is it correct to understand that you wish to have certain table views as part of dashboard for some users and also in menu for some other group of users?

If so, you may have 2 views of the same table. Say table name is Customers and table view name is also Customers . Then you could create two table views on the table Customers.

One Customer table view can be set as menu view and the other one as reference view. In the Show_if setting of the Customer view of reference type, you could include emails of those users that need to see the said view in dashboard. In menu view of the Customer table, please set the Show_if setting to include the other group of users that need not see the dashboard view but they need to see the menu view.

Additionally in the dashboard view you may have a Show_if condition to include emails of those users who need to see the dashboards.

Hope this helps. Please revert if you are looking at something else.

I believe Mark wants to hide those separate table views. It will do that if the position for those views are set as Ref.

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Hi @Aleksi,

You are right.
Reading the the post by @Mark_11 carefully, as you rightly mentioned, it looks like @Mark_11 does not need menu views at all.

I somehow misinterpreted the following statement by him to mean that some of his users need to see the menu views as well and not only dashboards.

Thank you for your useful guidance as usual.

this is what i’d like to do, but only for some users.
1 user already has these table, included in his dedicated dashboard view.
The other users don’t have thier own dashboard but only their table views, so i can’t just set as Ref.

Smartphone bottom menu bar:

table1 table2 table3 dashboard

user 1 can sees table1
user 2 can sees table2
user 3 - table3
user 4 - dashboard(table1-table2-table3).
So i would imagine that each user has olny 1 button. If i set table1 Show if =lookup(useremail()…user1), user 4 will not able to sees table1 in his dashboard. So user 4 tecnically is allowed to sees everything, but i don’t like the fact i has to sees each button.

Hi @Mark_11,

If I may add , you may need to make 2 views for each table of those three tables. So Table 1 Menu view and and Table 1 ref view and so on.

The three ref views of the three tables can be included in the dashboard view and please set Show_if expression for dashboard view for only user 4’s email.

As for each of the three menu views created , please set Show_if for each user such that Table 1 Menu view is accessible to only User 1 , Table 2 Menu view to only User 2 and so on.

Will request @Aleksi for his guidance on the above approach or better approch he may suggest.

Another option is if you create your own main menu with suitable rows and then hide rows with a slice. That table could contain rows like ViewA, ViewB, ViewC, DashboardView, Other views. One record could have EnumList with the email who can see that row.

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I would try with your method @Suvrutt_Gurjar,
thanks to @Aleksi as well; maybe in the future this tip could help.

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