Hide View (#) of referenced tables

Allow us to conditionally show/hide the “View (#)” button, within detail views, for referenced records:

Reasons being:

  1. It is unnecessary screen clutter when the related records are less than the max. number of nested rows. The button gives the appearance of doing something, when it simply brings you to the same information, or worse information because you lose the parent records information in the drilled down view.

  2. I dont want users drilling down in that manner. Sometimes I will have two views to the same data, as shown here:

In this case, I want users drilling down into tabulated data via the ‘view’ button under the table. I would be happy if the view button went away on the graph.

Another note is, for appsheet to show two views like this, app creators must maintain a slice specific to each view. This is because there is no explicit way to tell AppSheet which view to use as a default when being referenced. If a chart UX view exists, it will be selected as the default.

As I cannot hide the ‘view’ button on the chart, I am required to create and maintain the inline and detail views specific to that slice, which I would rather not have to do.

  1. There are other possibilities, like having a REF view to a gallery, with icons that launch actions. This is a clever way of displaying actions different than the display overlay, prominently, and inline options appsheet allows. If / when I do this, I would generally like the view (#) to go away.