Hiding a row with an action button

Hey all!

I cant seem to remember how I did this before. I want to hide a row with an action button. I made the button and it does indeed change the field to “True”. But I want when the field is true for it to hide that row, just to avoid clutter or confusion.

See pictures as I’m sure I just did something goofy.

Thanks for the help!

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You can achieve this by creating a slice with the row filter condition: [Hide Row]=false and then using that slice as the source table for any view where you want to hide those rows.

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That worked great! Thanks

Except now I lost the ability to use the rest of my buttons. The data saved to the master sheet but I can’t select my other actions anymore. Is there a way to hide the row just by using the action button changing the value of a particular cell

I believe you can fix this by adding each action to the slice under “Slice Actions”

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I got it, Thanks!

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