Hiding Actions in Map so they're only visible in Detail Views

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As the title states, I was wondering if there is a way to hide the Actions I’ve created from being visible in the Map View, and only have them visible when the User enters the Detail View for that item on the Map. I’ve tried using this " #view=Map, Incomplete, 1 Time Cleans_Detail " so far but it has not worked. Any suggestions?

Also is there a way to edit what information is viewed when you first click a pin on the map? Like reorder the columns?



Have you tried with:


expression in the Show_if conditions of those actions?

I’ve not seen this before. What is it supposed to do? Where did you get it?

When you open the Expression Assistant and navigate to the Deep Links tab.
Pattern - Result - Example
{constant} - App - “#view=assistant”

Unfortunately that hid the action completely.

I want actions hidden on this view : https://puu.sh/DdIgz/2d1623d07e.png
and visible again once they open the details: https://puu.sh/DdGy7/9ebbcf48cf.jpg

Basically I want actions to be visible within only certain views. The point of this is so the workers are forced to open the detail to view the notes in case there are precautions that should be considered.

If you want to hide only on the map view then you can try


in “Only if this condition is true”

I did this last time…but I cannot find it to confirm

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To take it one step further, would we be able to use Context to see the View Name and only have certain actions visible on certain view names? other than just the types?

Edit: CONTEXT(“View”) Should return the view name.

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