Hiding Fields in Certain Views

In order to keep my forms as streamlined as possible, I frequently want to automatically population and hide fields - for example, when I’m automatically collecting the users’ email (USEREMAIL()), the current date or time (NOW()), location (HERE()), dereferenced value ([USER].[PHONE]), etc. I hide these fields in order to help users focus just on the essential form fields.

One simple method for controlling whether a field will display in a form or other view types is to use the CONTEXT expression.

In Data > Columns fields visibility can be enabled/disabled or controlled via expressions in the ‘Show?’ setting. The CONTEXT() expression can be used to limit which views display each field.

In this case, I’m hiding certain fields in forms:
CONTEXT(“ViewType”) <> “Form”

Any other techniques for limiting when data, views or fields are displayed throughout apps?


I really love the CONTEXT() function and use it very often. Also to show / hide Actions

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