Hiding particular field in the app based on the user email

Hi please help me in this, I need to hide particular column in the table according to the user email id signed in the app.

eg. adminl@gmail.com this email id has the permission to view the project cost field.
and for this this email id user@gmail.com the project cost field should be hidden.
what syntax to use .
Thanks in advance,


A couple of other things that may help here.

When you add users to the app’s whitelist, you can also specify whether they are “Admin” or “User”. Then you can use the USERROLE() function to test which role the logged in user falls into. Unfortunately, these are the only two roles currently supported by AppSheet but this seems to be all you need for now.

To check if the logged in user is a specific user, you can use the USEREMAIL() function. In this case, you test against the email directly IF (USEREMAIL() = "adminl@gmail.com",...

OR, if you need to test against a list of email addresses then you would use the IN() function - article provide by @LeventK above.


hello willowmibile,
thank you for your response, the information you gave really helped me in solving the problem.


This might have solved things for you:

Maybe if I get enough posts with this solution-post linked to it, people will finally start getting the answer BEFORE they post.